STEP #1:

Check Your Email​​​​​​​

Check your confirmation email with the subject

( Please Confirm Your S​​​​​​​ubscription) using the email you use to book your spot​​​​​​​. It is very important to confirm your subscription so we can send you the link for the live training


STEP #2:

Get Excited & Be Ready

Your Event Ticket is HERE!

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Congrats! You took action. One more step before we can register you for the biggest online event of the year. 

This step is very important so make sure to follow the steps below.

Thank You For Booking Your Spot!

After you confirm your subscription, you will receive an email with the subject (Before We Get Started) Open The email and let us guide you to your online success. 

We are looking forward to helping you launch online with a BANG!